About Us

The seed was planted for thekindervoice when my 7-year old son and I were designing yet another shirt online, something that had become our thing since he was 5 years old.   

He was always requesting a shirt with a specific message he had in mind -- ranging from motivational quotes to messages moving people to action.  It is quite amazing to realize how even at a young age, they are forming opinions and using their voice.

Through the years, we have been searching for a better t-shirt that had the desired message and was also great quality in terms of comfort and durability and was environmentally-friendly. We were frustrated that we couldn’t find any.

That’s why we founded our store, inspired by a broader desire to let kinder voices be heard in this noisy world. We wanted our tees to spread messages that showed kindness to self, to others and the world we share.  The messages on the shirts are inspired by conversations my son and I have.

But we didn't stop with the kind messages on the shirt!

With every decision, we asked ourselves if we were making the kinder choice - one that was kind to people and the environment.  We want you and your kid to feel good and feel proud to wear one of our shirts!  Check out our page on KINDER CHOICES to learn more.

Also, if you have related stories about your kind kid - things they say and teach you, please feel free to reach out at community@thekindervoice.com to share your story and get featured on our Instagram or add #kindkidskindtees to your post and we will contact you.  We would love to hear from you!